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Butterfly Woman Dances with Her Shadow

My husband, Jim Findlay, is a jazz musician and composer, who is deeply influenced by flamenco. And, because he practices for hours every day, his music is woven into the fiber art that I make. His piece 'Spanish Light' inspired me to create 'Butterfly Woman Dances with Her Shadow'.

You can see and hear 'Spanish Light' in a video
that our son, Angus Findlay, filmed and edited.
This was a live performance at a concert in
celebration of the legendary Gypsy musician,
Django Reinhardt in January 2011 in Edmonton,
Alberta Here's the link

For many years, I have loved photographing
shadows, and working with shadow imagery.
This piece, which is one of a series of fiber art
collages that I call 'Woven Women', is an
exploration of shadows and light.

The shadow is crocheted wire, and Butterfly
was woven with wool in tapestry, inkle
and frame loom weaving techniques. Her necklace is a wooden circle with sewing thread tatted over it. She is approximately 23 inches/58 cm tall and 8 inches/20 cm wide at the widest point.