Pam Smith
Beacon Hill (Sydney, Northern Beaches) Australia

*Air* – sometimes threatening, welcoming, heavy, light and often bringing with it a range of unexpected delights.

*Water* – soul-refreshing Pacific Ocean (the view from our deck). White horses prancing, yatch defiantly dancing against a blue sky on water framed by the tree foreground. Life’s balance confirmed.

*Earth* – immediately my mind conjures up childhood memories of Mount Kaputar and the surrounding Western Plains of NSW, now part of Mount Kaput National Park. This area, the result of volcanic activity from around 17 to 21 million years ago, with its dramatic landscape of lava terraces, volcanic plugs and ring dykes is part of the traditional lands of the Kamilaroi people. It still cradles a vast number of plant communities including semi-arid woodlands, heaths and remnant rainforests, plus animal species including bats, birds, wallabies and quolls.

*Fire* - hot, hot January, smell of smoke, dancing flames, crackling leaves as fire rushes up the slope devouring dry undergrowth – leaving behind ash, smouldering embers, weary firefighters and relieved residents - us.