Color is the inspiration for most everything I create; therefore when I thought of the elements certain colors immediately came to mind.

Earth – There are so many ways to have interpreted this but I chose to think of the earth from the inside out. I chose shades of browns, with small amounts of other colors, then used only single crochet to create an amorphous, swirling scumble.

Water – This piece is a compilation of all the colors I have experienced here on the Texas Gulf Coast combined with my memories of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It was absolute serendipity that the finished piece resembles the shape of a fish.

Air – This made me think of the times when the air is visible – a foggy morning, stormy sky, high puffy clouds, and that brief time as night turns into day. The gold explosion in the middle reminds me of a star or a burst of lightening.

Fire – Hot…bright…uncontrollable. Those are some of the words that came to mind as I chose the fibers and put this scumble together.
Sheryl Means

Richmond, TX, USA