Zann Carter
Terre Haute, IN USA

I am just getting started with freeform work after years of thinking, dreaming, stash-building and working with others' patterns.  I'm not sure why this is so - I think there must be  (for me, anyway) underlying issues of self-confidence or risk-taking. There's also the issue of actually using The Stash!
I could write a whole essay on that -- the mantra 'it's only yarn' is very helpful.

But never mind the psychology of freeforming and yarn hoarding -- this challenge was just plain fun! I loved gathering up a basket of yarn for each piece and contemplating the Elements.   While I had a general idea of what I wanted to do at the start, the final form of each piece evolved as I worked.

The best part of creating these pieces was what I learned from them.

Zann Carter lives, spins, crochets, knits and weaves in Indiana.
Her fiber arts blog is Lizards in the Leaves
Her main web page is