Claudia Dunitz
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Claudia Dunitz lives in New York and has two daughters and two granddaughters. She developed and sells natural skin care products. Over the past 30 years she has had a stained glass studio, painted in oils and decorated custom cakes. Currently, she designs and creates mosaics in smalti, knits and crochets, quilts, sews, felts and now, with great abandon, she Free Forms!
"Blues Over Easy"
I was extremely excited, and more than a little nervous to participate in this challenge. I had never done anything like this before! When I looked at all of the challenge yarns from around the world spread out on the table. The electric supersaturated colors practically jumped into my hands. I picked out the colors in my scrumble in about 30 seconds. The piece came together quickly, starting with the heat and cooling
through the oranges, pinks and purples and greens to the blues. Blues, but with just the right touch of heat - the frying pan. Blues Over Easy it was.