Nancy Nagle
Philadelphia, PA USA Index Back
I have been creating fiber art for the past few years, but making art of all sorts my whole life. I love color, texture and playing with designs. I especially love to experiment, and crocheting (and knitting) allows me to make countless variations to an idea, design or motif. I often find a piece evolving into something completely unexpected. It is hard to make the same thing twice because the work takes on a life of its own and sometimes "asks" to go in a different direction. I do my best work when I am not thinking about what I am doing, and just going on intuition. It is exciting to see what emerges.
In March of 2005 I opened a store to sell my fiber art, as well as exotic yarns and Pop Art paintings. It is an interesting combination and I am having great fun with it! I currently host knit/crochet circles and am surrounded by colorful and wonderful people and things.

Regarding this challenge: I received 60 odd pieces of yarn from 60 odd fabulous fiber folks and this is what happened. I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and I thank everyone who participated!