I learned to crochet and knit from my Sister, Valerie (believe it ornot). I was 8 and in the 4th grade. My Sister was in the 3rd grade and she had this school teacher Ms. Contreraz who always brought knitting or crocheting in her tote bag and stayed in the classroom and worked on her needlework while the kids were out at recess. My Sister wanders back in the class and saw what she was doing and asked her teacher to show her, which she did. Valerie gets home and showed me. I always thought crocheting was a little earier than knitting and over the years, I forgotten how to knit, but I still remembered how to crochet, but didn’t know the difference between a Single Crochet, Double Crochet, etc, but I knew how to make the stitches, but we didn’t know how to follow a pattern nor make anything in particular except squares or scarves. I didn’t learn

how to follow a crochet/ knitting pattern until I was in my last 30’s and met a lady by the name of Audrey Jones at work (who learned how to knit at age 5, and had to learn how to crochet on her own). This lady taught me how to read not only patterns, but how to read symbles and ever since, I started collecting every crochet book I can get my hands on and still collecting patterns or trying to design a few myself (got a long ways, tho). I came a long ways with this crocheting and knitting. I can also go into a yarn shop run by “yarn or knit snobs” and still get along because of my love for all yarns and the fact that I can do both knit and crochet.

What doing these scrumbles meant to me? Just an excuse to do more scrumbling and exchanging different yarns from other ladies with my same interests and seeing what results you can make with the yarns you get. Showing off my work and seeing other people’s work. I never thought I’d get these far with such a wonderful hobby and not to mention meeting wonderful people from all over.

Andrea D. Shuman (Cookie)

Hayward, CA USA

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