Martin House Pier Cluster Laylight, Frank Lloyd Wright

Since I was a child, I needed symmetry – long before I knew that the word existed. Even when I would doodle when I was young, everything came down to shapes and symmetry. I also loved art, and I felt I had a creative soul. I looked for creative outlets that could include symmetry, but they always felt like two opposing forces; two sides that could not coexist. Then I discovered Frank Lloyd Wright.

His work, and the style of the Arts and Crafts movement and the Prairie School, showed me that creativity and symmetry could coexist. It wasn’t until I went to college and learned that Wright was a part of a larger idea that it all came together.

This is my interpretation of the Pier Cluster Laylight in the Martin House. It is my homage to thank Wright that my need for symmetry could be creative.

Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten crochet

Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten

Rockaway, New Jersey, USA

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