Through Your Eyes

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Members of the International Freeform Fiberarts Guild
were invited to join a challenge for the 2008 annual freeform fiberart show.

Their challenge was to interpret the theme, “Through Your Eyes” in any medium
and needlework technique they preferred. 35 artists from across the globe rose to the
challenge and created fiber art beyond description.

Along with their entries, each was asked to write a short piece about what inspired them.

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Every June, the streets in my neighborhood are canopied with jacaranda trees that explode into purple blossoms for three weeks. My heart and soul reawaken with this majesty of renewal…

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Myra Wood’s wish that our “hooks fly freely.” James Walter’s translation of my finagle factor into “instinct plus trial and error.” This year’s theme of “through my eyes.” Therefore: my…

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