Memories of Eugenia

The colorful art of Gustav Klimt has long been an inspiration to fiber artists, and I had long wanted to create a work of fiber art inspired by one of his paintings.

For this challenge, I based my freeform crochet patchwork shawl on Gustav Klimt’s painting, “Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi” (1913-1914). In her portrait, Madame Primavesi is wearing a long flowing garment, made up of both warm and cool colors. Using the painting as my muse, I printed a copy and took it to my yarn stash. I chose yarns based on the colors Klimt painted for the garment. I then crocheted and knit an assortment of squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles, arranging them and stitching them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The resulting shawl is hip length and is designed to stay on the shoulders. It may also be swept to one side and worn with a shawl pin.

barbara-wh-back-web crochet crochet Memories of Eugenia

Barbara Wunder Hynes

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