Cosspia: A Gal in the Style of Picasso

I’ve long wanted to experiment more with crocheted faces, which I find particularly challenging. I never seem to get the proportions or positioning of the features “right.” So what if I just didn’t worry about proportions or positioning?  Who better to use as my inspiration than Picasso? So I studied the faces of many Picasso paintings. I couldn’t find a particular one that I felt I could do justice to in crochet, but I decided it would be within bounds to interpret the challenge description “freeformishly” and aim for Picasso’s style. With that I got to work on Cosspia’s face, which came together without sketches or much planning at all. But her head all by itself looked strange; she needed a body. I sketched a body and used that as a sort of pattern. Turns out I had a much harder time with the body which is usually the easy part for me. I think having the pattern threw me off. I guess I’m a “freeformer” at heart, as I imagine Picasso to have been.

croche Bonnie Prokopowicz

Bonnie Prokopowicz

Oak Park, Illinois, USA

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