The Women of Pompeii

It was 24 August 79 AD and the Roman City of Pompeii was busy with it’s everyday life. The women who lived there came from many walks of life, high society, slaves, women in businesses, some were gladiators in a man’s arena, and of course the ladies of the night. They did not know on this day Pompeii would be no more.

For many years I have had an interest in Pompeii and its art works. The frescoes, statues, architecture, fountains, and graffiti have given me a look into the lives of this Roman resort city.

Freeform crochet. Background made from recycled wool sweater, different types of yarn including a portion from Darn Good Yarn (recycled saris), shells found on the Texas Gulf Coast, misc. items found on shopping adventures, faces are from Esty artists Elora’s Castle and Linart.

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Lynda Morgan

Mansfield, Texas USA

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