My absolute favorite Winter song is, Marshmallow World, sung by Johnny Mathis. How I adore waking to a wonderland of snow. But sadly, Winter never quite made it to the Pocono Mountains this year. And, it was sorely missed. Oh, how breathlessly I awaited those “marshmallow” snow days that literally bring us to a screeching halt and force us to cancel everything to gaze upon the full-blown beauty of Winter. So I decided to let my project be a tribute to the Winter that never was. With it, I was able to console myself through the cold, drab months by creating my very own “marshmallow world” wall-hanging. And you know, placed strategically in my kitchen window, it was just about enough!

The piece was crocheted to a 12″ brass ring for stability and ease of hanging. Artificial plastic branches for the trees helped to enhance the 3D effect. I might not have been able to go play outside in the snow this year, but I sure had fun making my own inside!

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Nancy-closeup-2 crochet

Nancy LoVecchio

Effort, Pennsylvania, USA

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