The button eye sits in the center of darkness but there are holes in the darkness with glints of rainbow. Rainbows trail around, the darkness flutters off and the golden light appears.

“I did a lot of thinking about this Challenge and what through my eyes actually meant. My first thought was to do an abstract landscape in colors based on my physical surroundings but that didn’t really feel right to me. Then I remembered a small tile I have, that I thought my older daughter had made in ceramics class (although she tells me she didn’t make it, so I don’t know where it came from). The tile has an eye painted on it and that was the starting point for my piece. When the time came, I couldn’t find that tile and instead used an absolutely perfect Sheila Ernst glass button. The rest of my inspiration came from a song There’s a Light, performed by Lui Collins. When my first child was a toddler, I joined a vocal group called Mothersong. The woman who ran the group found wonderful songs for us to sing, which have stuck in my mind for all these years. The theme of the song reminds me that when things look really bad, there’s a better day around the corner and that’s what I tried to portray with my crocheting.”

Jorel crochet

Jorel Thomson

Menlo Park, CA USA

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