“What drives my world is color and texture–both fill me with joy and fuel my active imagination. I cannot imagine a world without color or texture. Typical of my needle work you can see both in my use of various fibers, from tightly spun sock yarn, to gold metallic yarn and fuzzy mohair. I am also one of those magpie people whose eyes catch every fleck of glitter on the sidewalk and always stop to examine the shiny object, often putting in my pocket. When I walk my dog I am always filling my pockets with odd bits and bobs of stones, plastic pieces, glass bits and metal bits. Odd shapes interest me and I love to include them in my art work. I am also fascinated by buttons and so included a couple of antique ones in my scrumble. I love the old, worn out bits of the past, just holding them you can feel their history. If those buttons could talk, what a story I am sure they could tell. For me life is one continuing story, with many chapters–in the same way when I scrumble I make fabric–not individual pieces, but a entire piece of cloth that is worked from many different directions with various textures and color.”

Kesam crochet

Kesam Katz

Eilat, Israel

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