Spring — Joy After Sorrow Cap

I began this when my mother was dying in 2008. I would work on it in the evenings after I came home, sad and drained, from the nursing home. I felt almost guilty for freeforming such a joyful exhuberance, but I know it was good for me. And I know my mother would have approved. I put it aside unfinished when she died. It called out to be finished as the Spring aspect of the FF Challenge.

Fall — Autumn Makes Jewels for the Wind to Wear on Her Hat

Autumn is my favorite season. As I worked on this, I was delighted to see how pinks and purples and greens in the variegated yarns glowed like jewels in the traditional palette of oranges, yellows and browns.

I also added a bit of fun with a moveable embellishment – 3 autumn leaves on a tagua nut button that can be placed in holes on the top of the hat, the side or the brim.

Summer — Meditation on Summer Sun

I wanted to make another hat, and even though I had time, this piece refused to become one. As long as I was trying to make it be a hat, it was difficult getting into the spirit of these colors and fibers. As soon as I decided it would be a flat piece, I began to have a great deal of fun. My central guiding image was the radiance of summer sun, its heat cooled by a delicious breeze.

zann_summer_1 crochet zann_autumn_4 crochet zann_autumn_5 crochet zann_spring_7 crochet zann_spring_4 crochet

Zann Carter

Terre Haute, IN US



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