“San Luis Valley Seasons”

Fiber, Clay and Beads

“I live in the San Luis Valley in Southern, Colorado in a high mountain desert at 7500 feet. The sky is clear and the colors can be rather austere in Fall and Winter. If you live here long enough, and pay enough attention, one can see the variation in ocher, brown and green that Winter unveils contrasted by the riot of flowers that bloom here naturally as well as in my neighbors’ gardens. Many of us garden here though we barely have 90 frost-free days and less than 7” of precipitation a year. Native plants are tough; many are insanely colorful. Almost all are small and densely textured–the better to withstand our brutally cold Winters. Regardless the season, we have no shortage of sunshine. Indeed, we have over 300 days of sunshine and clear, dark, star-filled, night skies.

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Laura Murphy
Monte Vista, CO US

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