Jorel is a lovely woman with a brave, unabashed flair for wearing “funky”Art-To-Wear with a grand flourish!!! You can spot her at any fiber event!

During my first trip to Oakland, for CGOA, about 3 years ago, she most kindly “chauffeured” Margaret & me throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area, and then took us to the fantastic “Art-To-Wear” Exhibition at the museum. I had the best of good intentions. . .I’ve been “meaning” to make something for her, to reciprocate her kindness, for the past 3 years! Well. . .Finally, I made something that I think she will wear with her usual funky flair and drama!

Mel-001 crochet

Mel-002 crochet Mel-003 crochet

Melanie Gill

Bloomfield, CT US

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