“I live in Hawai’i on the beautiful island of O’ahu where there are essentially two seasons — rainy and dry. I’ve tried to capture the essence of these seasons in my two purses.

The blue purse represents the dry season or summer. On the winward or east side of the island where I live, there are beautiful bays — Kaneohe, Kailua and Waimanalo — where the color of the water ranges from the lightest sea green and turquoise close to the shore, to the deepest cobalt blue further out to sea. I tried to capture that array of color in my “Summer” bag. I used one yarn exclusively, Caron’s Simply Soft “Eco.” This yarn is made from 100%, post-consumer, recycled plastic bottles. There is a huge plastic bottle “island” in the Pacific ocean, so both of these purses represent a small contribution towards eliminating that kind of waste from spoiling these beautiful waters.

The Ko’olau Mountain chain is another amazing feature that dominates the winward side of O’ahu. These are the most incredibly green mountains that I have ever seen. During the rainy season, when the downpour is torrential, waterfalls cascade down the mountainside. My “Rainy Season” purse hopefully conveys some of this timeless beauty. The body of the purse is made from the Eco yarn. I raided my existing stash for the yarns in the purse flap. So, in a sense, this bag is made completely from “recycled” yarn, too.

Pix: Kailua Bay (summer) and one of the Ko’olau mountains (rainy season)

Rainy Season

RainySeason-Final crochet


Summer-3 crochet

Kailua-Bay crochet

Green-Koolaus crochet

Patrice Walker

O’ahu, Hawai’i US

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