I had trouble deciding what to do for this theme, but eventually came up with an idea I liked, which I think works.

I nuno felted a world on cotton gauze, and used freeform crochet to make a frame. The navy ring represents a starry sky. The colourful border represents my world, which I think of as being chaotic, disorganised and stressful at times, but never dull.

I wanted to include photos that represent some of the different things that keep me grounded and give my life meaning, the things that are most important in my world, like family and hobbies. Though it isn’t one of my current hobbies, I was inspired to give the project a scrapbooking feel, so I arranged photos I have taken, copied them onto fabric, made labels, and crocheted borders for them. I have only included my current pets, to save space, not because they aren’t all important to me. Similarly, I have only included some of my family.

I hope everyone enjoyed making their project as much as I enjoyed making mine.



My world,

My life:




Unfinished …

Hope my life’s long.

Tia crochet freeform idea

Tia Hegsted

From Edinburgh, Scotland, living in Moss Norway

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