The embodiment of cycle of life.

The Phoenix represents our capacity for vision and the events unfolding within it. Creating with its great beauty, intense excitement and inspiration.

The Story of the Phoenix

Bird of Fire

A bird that has no young.

Here when the world began and still living today.

Remaining in peace, flying freely, singing songs of praise.

Five hundred years passed.

The Phoenix had grown weary, not soaring so high, nor flying so strong.

“I want to be young and strong.”

The Phoenix built a nest with cinnamon bark. Sitting upon the nest the suns rays beat down upon the Phoenix.

A flash – flames leaped from the nest, and the Phoenix was a blaze of fire.


In the nest, only silvery-gray ash.

From under the ash rose up a young Phoenix. Moment by moment it grew.

“I shall sing my songs for you forever.”

Every five hundred years, building a fragrant nest, the Phoenix once again burns to ashes. Each time rising up, fresh, new, young

Veronica freeform crochet

Veronica Smith

Jimboomba , Queensland AUS

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