Freeform Crochet (favourite things)

F alling leaves colouring autumn gardens

R oses cascading from ironwork arches

E mbroidery threads nestled in an old work box

E legant clothes from times gone by

F igs warm from the sunny garden

O ld wooden reels of coloured thread

R ibbons of satin, laces so fine

M iniature violets adorning a teaset

C harming old buttons of gilt and glass

R osebud trims from the Paris of old

O riental china in blue and white

C reative pursuits filling my time

H ats of straw braid on antique dolls

E merald, moss, celadon and all shades of green

T imes to remember, things that I love

edna crochet

Edna Boland

Sydney, NSW AUS

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