The Mad Hatter

The fantasy world of the Mad Hatter where “no sense makes sense” inspired this freeform design that combines fiber and beading art forms in a Wonderland of color and texture.

By using together techniques from beading and bead embroidery, freeform knitting and modular knitting, freeform crochet and needle felting, and from embroidery and needlework, the whole becomes “much more muchier”, and acquires the quality of “muchness” to make aesthetic sense.

Take a little tea time and with the sharp eye of the March Hare see if you can identify examples of each technique on the hat of this Mad Hatter.

Valerie-Hatter-2 crocheting Valerie-Hatter-5 crocheting Valerie-HATTER1 crocheting

Valerie Halcrow

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada