Demeter’s Joy/Persephone’s Return

The myth of Demeter, and her daughter Persephone, has many layers of meaning and symbolism. I have been particularly drawn to Demeter’s story because I know the painful journey of grief one embarks upon with the loss of a child. When Persephone vanished, the great grief of this goddess brought winter to the land. Nothing would grow upon the Earth, all was gray and sere. I tried to create a piece that would express that grief and Demeter’s wandering journey to Eleusis, but I found myself blocked, unable to go forward with it. Instead I chose to imagine what it was like for Demeter to reunite with her lost one and to try to convey her immense joy bursting forth as spring flowers and leaves, life and abundance returning to the land.

This piece is the central back panel of what will eventually be a wrap. I combined small woven triangles and squares with wandering crochet chains, freeform floral motifs and knitted leaves.

Zann-Demeter croche

Zann Carter