I live in Raleigh, NC, in the house I grew up in. I have been retired from teaching high school English for 2 1/2 years after teaching for 35 years. I am not an original member of the FF crochet group but did join when there were only about 30-40 members, shortly after it became a Yahoo group. I crochet, knit, spin, crazy quilt, make dolls, and read. I also love to cook. I have really enjoyed being a member of this group and have met many wonderful people.

“Anything Goes.”

I decided that the challenge for me would be to use all of the yarns that were sent, not all of all but at least half of each sample sent. I also decided that I would not let myself decide which colors would work well together so I randomly made a magic ball and forced myself to use whatever color and/or type of yarn that came next. I just reached in the bag and pulled out a fiber without looking at it. Then I reeled off about half of it and then tied it to the first piece and so on. I am really thrilled with my product and think that it is incredible that something so beautiful could come from that technique. I believe my piece shows that in FF crochet “anything goes” even if it isn’t what we would have selected and that we might do better sometimes if we remembered the “free” part of our name.

Betty Savage

Raleigh, NC USA

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