BONNIE PIERCE is an internationally renowned free form fiber artist, designer, author, exhibitor and bullion/roll stitch specialist. Her current works include items in five “On a Roll” books, Crochet! magazine, Annie’s scrap crochet series, Leisure Arts, American School of Needlework and several other hard back books. Bonnie has exhibited her free form crochet and won awards in Israel, Australia, Wales, Chicago, Lacis Lace Museum in CA, Craft Adventure and Big E in Massachusetts. She was named Interweave Press Crocheter of the year.

I’ve been crocheting for about 35 years, and making free form for a little over 5 years.  I like using colors that are very similiar in tone,  hue and intensity, so that my pieces will look well blended.  It is not unusual for me to use over a hundred different yarns in each free form garment I make.

I live in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA.  Please visit my websites at  and

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These scrumbles for the challenge took me a while to complete.  The colors are awesome, but all together they just blew me away!  At this time in my life, I need things to be very peaceful and serene, and to work together harmoniously.  So……I separated my yarns into 4 different colorways….still combinations I don’t usually work with.  They looked pleasing to me.  The first 3 scrumbles I made pretty quickly.  The fourth one, with the pinks and greens, I pondered over.  I had a plan in mind for what I wanted it to become, and that took a lot longer to even start than the others.  I wanted it to be some sort of flowering plants, with leaves and flowers.  I was hoping for a lush, tropical effect.  When I have something definate in mind, I tend to have more fear that it won’t look like it does in my mind.

Normally I join each small motif to the next as I go, until it is about 4″ or 5″, and then join them together into a larger scrumble.  For my largest scrumble, I made all the motifs and then joined them with yet another color chain, leaving open spaces.

While my scrumbles are probably not as daring as most of the others, I think that all of my pieces feel like serenity.  That was my original goal.  :))

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Bonnie Pierce

Vancouver, WA USA

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