Aileen Lochhead

Fife, Scotland


The Mayhem of Menstruation crochet

The Mayhem of Menstruation

This work is an exploration of the menstrual cycle and its interaction with and the effects on the creative cycle. I wanted to explore the impact and ramifications of the various changes in both cycles. I was interested in how any given stage can and does change the way we perceive and experience the world and the interaction within our world. I aimed to achieve a cyclical form with disparate shapes, textures and colours all contained within the flow of a cycle. I attempted to illustrate the synergy and the rotation of the changing phases.

I used a variety of yarns and fibres and incorporated red copper wire within the fibres to represent the energy that flows throughout life regardless of any period in time. With energy being unstable but enduring and copper being it’s metaphorical and symbolic conduit. The piece is crocheted in its entirety and measures 40” diameter.

crochet The Mayhem of Menstruation

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