There are lots of myths, stories and fairy tales that have dragons in them, but I am not sure if this one comes from any of them …… he kind of “fell out of my crochet hook”. His head/body is crocheted from some “cheap and nasty” acrylic yarn, and his legs and wings are made from copper wire (recycled/scraps from electrical wiring) with yarn wrapped around them, and the wings also have some black tulle fabric (that I found in an op shop/thrift store), and his eyes are second hand mother of pearl buttons. It probably isn’t surprising that I ended up making a dragon – “Here be dragons” is what they wrote on maps when there were areas that were dangerous to go … but if I saw that written on a map I would just HAVE to go there and look.   😉

AndreaCarew-Dragon-InTree crochet AndreaCarew-Dragon-Head crochet AndreaCarew-Dragon-Inside crochet

Andrea Carew

Dunlop, Canberra, Australia