Meraeth – and the Crystal of Good Souls

Beautiful Meraeth is the mermaid who looks after all the sailors lost at sea. She lives in her enchanted castle deep under the sea, and she guides all the “Good Souls” to her with the radiant crystal that shines a guiding light to show them the way in the deep, dark depths, to their watery grave, where they spend eternity within the castle walls and in the loving care of Meraeth.

The blues, purples and greens of this piece represent the varying colours of the ocean. Meraeth (the mermaid) is covered in creatures of the deep. Sea-urchins, corals and seaweed etc. are attached to her body, and her blue ‘hair’ cascades in chaos from her crown of seaweed.

The ‘Crystal of Good Souls’ nestles in a bed of seaweed in her hands.

cyramain crochet cyradetail crochet

Cyra Lewis

Franklin, Auckland, New Zealand

Mixed Media Artist