I think of the world as a wonderful construction of colors, shapes, textures, curves, solid spaces, empty spaces all interacting, and interrelating. My world is created out of elements which are beautiful by themselves, but, when combined with one another, create something magical… a flower is beautiful, a garden is magical, a solo clarinet is beautiful, a symphony orchestra is magical, a person is beautiful, humanity is magical.  Individual threads are beautiful, but when they meet one another, and wrap around one another, in organic ways, something happens that can’t be reduced down to the “sum of the parts”.

This piece is a handbag, grown from single crochet scrumbles created from my hand painted threads of cotton, linen, silk, rayon and wool. This handful of scrumbles met up on my work table. New threads joined in the fun. Shapes started to grow, wind around one another, meander around and fill up the space. Soon colors that might never have known one another were engaged in lively conversation.  An unplanned little piece, with many surprises emerged.

Jean-Th crochet creativity

Jean Theurkauf

Sterling, MA US


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