The Johnny Appleseed Freeform Memorial.

I was working on an apple colorway for a totally different project and I was enjoying it so much I wondered HOW I could incorporate it into the 2011 Challenge?

It dawned on me that we have an American myth/folk hero begging me to use apple colors to build a monument to him.

Johnny Appleseed : (John Chapman-Sept 26 1774 – March 18 1845).

Johnny was an American pioneer who died a little over 100 years before I was born. Johnny grew apple trees and supplied seeds to the pioneers. Appleseed gave away, and sold, many trees. He owned many tree nurseries in the North, and although he was successful with his trees, Appleseed lived a simple life.

He was a vegetarian, wore raggedy clothes, and was a very religious man. Legend has it Johnny traveled wearing his cooking pot on his head as a hat. He was an extremely colorful man! Many stories, songs and movies tell his tall tales.

kathie-apple-detail-1 crochet kathie-appledetail2 crochet kathie-applemain crochet

Kathie Cureington (formerly Alabama)

Panama City Beach, Florida