The Snow Queen

One of my favorite childhood fairy tales was The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, published in 1845. The Queen of the snowflakes (or snow bees) travels throughout the world with the snows. The Snow Queen is one of the central characters in the classic child’s fairy tale of good versus evil.

In some ways it appears that Andersen drew from the Norse Giantess (or goddess) Skadi, a frost-giant and a bringer of cold, winter, and death; also considered by some as the goddess of the hunt.

Based on the Snow Queen of Andersen’s book, the hat is made with white yarns (snow), silver yarns (ice) and repurposed faux pearls on silver wire (snow bees) and bullions for snowflakes and other crochet stitches creating snow.  Yarns used are wool, wool/silk blend, cotton, cotton/silk blend, small amounts of acrylic yarn, eyelash, and metallic novelty yarns.

snow-queen-back crochet snow-queenmain crochet

Leslie Nelle-Urinyi

West Milford, New Jersey, USA