Our freeform crochet piece is inspired by May Gibbs’ iconic childrens’ stories which feature characters based on the unique Australian flora.

Each story is built around the adventures of the characters Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and their many friends. Generations of Australian children have grown up listening to these stories.

This piece includes our crochet interpretation of Australian eucalyptus, wattle and banksia, as well as found natural objects. The story is a day in the life of Gumnut Babies, which includes a trip to the hat shop, before setting off to see a show at the Lillipilli Theatre – all the while being mindful of the evil, watching Banksia Men, who prey on unsuspecting gumnut babies and who are lurking in a nearby Banksia Tree.

Gumnut-Babies crochet Gumnut-Babies-detail crochet

Margaret Knight & Lynn Berry

Melbourne, Australia