SOS, the standard distress signal: evokes fear and hope. Fear: the situation that warranted an SOS, and Hope, of salvation. To be saved.

This piece was a direct response to the feeling of human distress, in environmental catastrophes. And also of feelings of environmental distress, of the damage we are doing to nature, from man-made catastrophes. What evolved from the stitching together of these three simple letters was the feeling of individual distress, whether emotional, physical or economic. How through history, women and men, created beautiful work, simply because they feared death, from poverty and starvation. In each individual motif, each stitch is hope, that they can feed their families, buy medicine, live their lives.

This one small piece of lace managed to create so much thoughts of personal and global distress, I felt like shouting SOS! I need to shout it; the world needs us to shout it. And in the final few stitches, came hope. After a disaster, there is hope.

There is fear and then there is hope.

orla freeform crochet SOS

Orla Breslin

County Kerry, Ireland

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