When the theme Folklore was chosen, I decided to try to merge some of my favourite things; Irish Crochet, Irish Folklore, Celtic Illumination, and big dogs. I grew up on Irish stories, and lately I am enjoying them again, reading them to my son. We’ve been reading a lot that involved hounds, e.g. Cú Chúlainn and Bran, the hound of Finn. As a teenager I loved calligraphy, and in particular Celtic illumination and zoomorphism, such as the hounds/wolves used in the Book of Kells, and the art of George Bain. I spent many hours drawing Celtic designs. This piece, crocheted with a fine wool yarn, is an experiment to combine all things Irish; our stories, our art, and of course our lace.

Hound croche

Orla Breslin (Stitchlily)

Kerry, Ireland