Golden Cap – The Jurassic Coast, Dorset, UK

The shoreline of the Jurassic coast is my soul place. This fascinating stretch of coastline has been my place of spiritual retreat for most of my life.  In the warmth of June or the icy winds of January walking this ancient landscape beside the tumultuous sea is restorative.

As I wander along the rock strewn beach I might find a tiny star fish in the rock pools. With luck I spot the tight spirals of ammonites cast down along the cliff edge as millennium layers peel away in landslides. Beneath the crashing surf a hidden fossil forest lurks, seen only on the lowest of spring tides. A reminder to me that often the greatest things are hidden the deepest.

It is a magical place, full of inspiration.

This is my interpretation of the wonderful area by Golden Cap.

I have used a combination of crochet and knitting to add texture and colour to a background of pin weaving.

PennieDouglas freeform crochet work

Pennie Douglas

London, England

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