Golden Fish

Once there was a peasant’s wife. She had a particular habit. The more she had of something, the more she wanted. One day the peasant man caught a golden fish who pleaded to be released. In return the fish would come to the peasant man’s help if he ever needed him, or fulfill any wish in exchange for its freedom. At first the peasant’s wife wished for a new cottage, larger than her old hut. The wife kept wishing for more and more things, which the golden fish gave to her. She finally demanded to be the mistress of all seas and oceans, with the golden fish as her servant. The golden fish just turned tail and was never seen again.

When the peasant man returned home, instead of a palace, all he saw was their old hut.

Moral of the story: Do not get too greedy, or you will end up with nothing.

Golden-Fish-main crochet golden-fish-detail-crochet

Bonnie Pierce