“Dreaming Atlantis”

My fascination with the legend of the lost civilization of Atlantis began when I was a teenager listening to folk singer Donovan’s dreamy, romantic ballad about Atlantis and what may lie “way down below the ocean.”

Greek philosopher Plato wrote approximately 2,400 years ago that Atlantis was an ancient island empire established by Poseidon, the God of the Sea. Supposedly, Atlantis was a technologically advanced Utopian society which valued peace, art, and wisdom. The entire island was said to have disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean after a day and night of fierce earthquakes and floods.

In 2011, a U.S.-led research team claimed to have found evidence of Atlantis in the mud flats of Andalusia, in southern Spain.

Did Atlantis ever really exist, or is it merely a fabled legend? We may never know. I’d like to believe that Atlantis existed as a beautiful Utopian society, and it inspired me to create this regal aquatic-themed freeform crochet garment.

Freeform crochet. Various yarns and threads, seashells, shell buttons, glass pebbles, beads.

Dreaming_Atlantis_back-yoke crochet Dreaming_Atlantis_front_BWH crochet Dreaming_Atlantis_back_BWHy crochet

Barbara Wunder Hynes

Ventura, California USA