Barbara Wunder Hynes

Ventura, CA

Persephone’s Mantle

According to Greek mythology, the goddess Persephone lives underground during the winter, causing darkness and a barren landscape on earth until she re-emerges in the spring, at which time green plants bloom and new life begins.

Due to unforeseen changes in my life last fall and winter, like Persephone, it felt as though I had gone underground. I watched as the southern California rains soaked the plants and trees in my yards. By the time spring arrived, my life was blossoming with new directions and opportunities. Once again I felt like Persephone, this time coming out of a long winter hibernation. I wanted to create a garment that would express this emergence of fresh new life and creation.

Persephone’s Mantle is a knitted shrug embellished with freeform knit and crochet detailing. A variety of yarns were used to obtain a realistic color palette.

Barbara Wunder Hynes crochet creativity

Barbara Wunder Hynes new crochet creativity

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