My Gap Landscape

My handmade wet-felted landscape piece combines my two passions of freeform and felting.  This January, 2010, my physical landscape view contrasted sadly with the concrete devastation that was Haiti.  I live in a north-western suburb of Brisbane, ‘The Gap’, nestled between mountain ranges where granite boulders have been quarried for stonework, where clay soils colour the earth and gum trees display typical Australian grey/greens.

This January, 2010, good rainfall relieved the humid conditions of our subtropical summer climate and caused the street plantings of Buckinghamia trees to bloom profusely with masses of white ivory curl flowers.  The local creek overflowed and the grey/greens changed to deeper hues.  To me, the profuse white flowering of the Buckinghamia became a symbol of hope for Haiti, that a better, stronger country lies ahead.  My crochet tree stands near the creek whilst the winds of change (silk frill) blow through the mountain gap.

A big thank you to Prudence, my teacher my mentor my friend, for encouraging me to enter this challenge.

Materials:  Merino wool tops; silk tops; hand-dyed silk materials; silk, mohair and hemp yarns

Description:  Handmade (wet) felt with freeform crochet/knitting.  Length 56cm (excl. frill); width 46cm.

Geraldine crochet idea

Geraldine McGovern

The Gap, Brisbane, Qld., Australia

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