Dreams Realizing

For years, it has been my dream to live in both my “worlds.” I’ve experienced life as an ex-patriot in Mexico and yearned to live there again ever since. I’m in love with my adopted city of Chicago and plan to trade my suburban surroundings for the grit, excitement and glorious beauty that are the urban confines. The Mexico piece of my world was realized in 2003, and I have enjoyed our little “slice of paradise” each winter since. Our abode, “Casa Tecolote” which means “Owl House,” embodies the spirit of Mexico with its hand-painted owl on the outer wall, fruit trees and draping bougainvilleas.  In this ode to realizing the other part of the dream, simplifying life while enjoying the city and all it entails in spring and summer, I have combined the two worlds in one freeform crocheted glimpse into my (creative) life.

The finished work depicts the significant bodies of water define location: Lake Michigan and Lake Chapala. Surrounded with a wide variety of fibers, the lakes give way to the colors and “feel” of each world: a major city with grey-tones and the color of perpetual bloomers throughout spring and summer; and a small village with hot tones of the Mexican sun and vibrant culture.

Neon jelly yarn and clay beads made in Mexico add flair to the finished concept of this mixed-media piece.

Gwen crochet creativity

Gwen Blakley Kinsler

Rolling Meadows, IL USA

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