There and Back Again.

Yes, I chose as my tale The Hobbit. Although it was not authored a long time ago in a land faraway, it is nonetheless a tale of meaning.

  It was a journey that started with raw wool, which was then dyed, in some cases, and spun, in all. In fact, all was spun in one continuous ball, which was then used to make this journeys’ story. Take your pick as to which photo represents “there”, and which represents “and back again”. You can see the dark places and light in this journey.

donna1 crochet

The fibers are many types. Sheep, silk, alpaca, llama. The walking stick was a Tabachek Russian Spindle, the yarn created is a single, crocheted in one continuous strand, the pattern of which changed as the type of fiber or the color changed.

Many moods, one journey, there and back again.

donna2 crochet

Donna Hall