Iara, Mãe d’Água

She is the mother of the water, the queen fish or water queen.  She is a mermaid version that in the Brazilian folklore lives in the rivers or fresh water lakes.

She likes to sit at the edge of the water at the end of the day. She plays with fish and combs her hair looking at the water mirror.

Like the Greek nymphs she never dies. Her beauty, and magic voice, enchants the fishermen. According to the legend, the men who see her never forget her. They feel so desperate to be with her that they jump in the water after her. She takes them to “live” in the deep water, where she lives.

The Amazon natives are so afraid of being seduced by her that they avoid being close to a river or a lake at the end of the day.

The legend also says that some of the victims may come back but they never act normally again.

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Elida Moore

Kensington, Maryland, USA