Mermaid / Sea Cave

Dyed Box Elder Burl, Fibre, 24k Gold

Undersea chimneys bubble away as the mermaid spirits from her sacred treasure trove. Lined in gold, the secrets she keeps, hidden, transformed in the lilting ribbons of light that shimmer down from the surface, watery, reflecting. Upward she swims, hair flowing in the currents deep, sunlight playing on her tresses.

I began by turning a vessel from Box Elder burl, finishing it “green” so that when drying, the natural textures of the wood begin to emerge. Burls move in dramatic ways: some parts sinking inward, others rising from the surface to create a marvelously tactile canvas. After dyeing the wood and gilding the natural edges with 24k gold leaf, I then crocheted the fiber through the walls of vessel via carefully drilled holes. (No glue was used in this piece – the stitches are visible on the inside). Inspired by the mermaid songs of Tori Amos: “Liquid Diamonds,” “Siren,” and “Pandora’s Aquarium.”

KatherineKowalski crochet idea

Katherine Kowalski

Cheyenne, WY US

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