Winter was gloomy and unseasonably cold

It made me feel tired and empty and old

I struggled and muttered and fiddled and puttered

Not a purl or a treble seemed right

Not a yarn in my color way was looking so bright

Then the Challenge was called and I perked up my ears

Somewhere in My World is the theme for this year

I grabbed up a basket and started to choose

By textures and colors by shade  and by hue

Pinks, greens, yellows and heavenly blues

I started to chain and to bullion and such

My mood it was suddenly changing so much

My face lit up with a smile — scrumbling had not been fun for a while

They blossomed like springtime with a plan of their own

As happens when you freeform in the zone

In my world- grew a pastel delight

All things about it seem pleasantly right

It has no name or no reason — but it does fit the season

Of springtime in bloom and it brightens my room

I’m so happy to give you a look, here on the page of this book.

Kathy-C crochet creativity

Kathie Cureington

Alabama, US


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