is a wall hanging that I crocheted using many different fibers, natural as well as man made.

The tree of life is a symbol often seen in Jewish art. It is most often portrayed as a menorah –a seven limbed candelabra that can be found not only in synagogues but also in churches. I call this my inner tree of life because it shows my life from the inside out. At the very core of each frond is a dance of colors which symbolizes my rich creative life and is the core of who I am. Outside the whirling dervish of color and stitches comes a fence of dark blue–the dark side of my life–always there–perhaps the price paid for such a wonderful inner core (?). Beyond the darkness that is always there, waiting to be passed through, comes the gold filaments of hope, joy, wisdom, positive energy of the God within–who sustains my life as well as guides it. Then outside that comes a dark green with flashes of brillient color. The dark green of the forest, filled with growth, both old and new. It has patches of darkness as well as flashes of brightness, of joy, of creativity. This outer layer is the nourishing and nurturing of new life that comes with each new day.

Like many artists my life is filled with magical highs as well as desperate lows. Both are blessings in their own way–giving me energy and creativity to solve and make it through the lacy, spider web of darkness that has given me an empathy and sympathy for all living creatures–each of whom are busy living the best life they can manage at any given moment. Creative thought has often allowed me to walk a step or two in the shoes of others, appreciating the different perspectives found living side by side here in my world of the Middle East. A land which echoes my inner life of joy, creative energy, as well as the darkness of religion gone amuck–but filled with the light of our Creator who brings forth each day to be lived, juggling the light and darkness of life.

My studio is in Eilat, Israel–the southernmost tip of Israel with the Arava desert as its back door and the Red Sea as it front door. I live at 2020 Sheshet Hayamim, Apt. 4 with a standard poodle and five cats.

Kesam crocheting idea

Kesam Katz

Eilat, Israel

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