Living in the “mountains of Northern New Jersey”

The most prominent things we see everyday are trees, lots of trees. Beautiful greens in the spring and summer, gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges in the fall. Alas, in winter it is barren, but then spring comes again and all the beautiful greens reappear. After the rough winter we had this year, I was inspired to make a hat representing the rebirth of spring with all its beautiful greens.

The “Tree Hat” started off at the crown by making a crochet piece with small “tree trunks” and felting it. Using a small hand held I-cord maker and pipe cleaners, several branches were made and placed in the tree trunks and interwined  around each other. Crochet leaves were then sewn into the branches and some landscape crochet was added around the crown to create the body of the hat. The hat was then finished using some larger leaves, a few green lucite beads, a little surface crochet and of course, bobbles and corkscrews.

iffchallenge2010LeslieNelleUrinyi1 crochet iffchallenge2010LeslieNelleUrinyi2 crochet work LeslieNelleUrinyi3 crochet work

Leslie Nelle Urinyi

New Jersey, US

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